Swansea students angry, what horrific Idea is Isis.


Vice President of Islam society Miss Zainab Battar Picture: Zina Hikary

Five boys and four girls from Swansea University mosque were invited to discuss culture, religion, society and terrorism. Here are their conclusions.

They all reported that they are very happy living in Swansea and they love the city. They have experienced no issue regarding racism and discrimination. They have a close relationship with the authorities as the police visit the mosque every 2 weeks. There are no cultural issues.

They do not agree to call Isis the Islamic State. They are angry by the reference to it and declare that this is not Islam! they went on to say everything is completely the opposite; killing people and enslaving is not part of our religion. They are destroying the reputation of Islam through scare and fear. Isis justifies those actions – not through Islam. We consider Isis to be an individual group and not part of Islam. One student described Isis as an idea and that is why its quite horrific as you cannot stop an idea spreading. The media is helping to promote this and causing it to go viral.

Swansea University Students Picture: Zina Hikary

Swansea University Students Picture: Zina Hikary

Why would anyone consider joining Isis ? They explained that there could be issues in society – social, economical, educational, lack of true guidance and knowledge of Islam. The majority thought that radicalisation is not happening through mosques but through the internet. Some questioned if the government and politicians are against Isis – who sells them the weapons? Who buys the oil from Iraq ? ‘Western made toys they use it whenever they want !’ these are questions that need answering, why is the media calling them Islamic State when they only represent hatred.


3 thoughts on “Swansea students angry, what horrific Idea is Isis.

  1. The fact that people are asked questions about ‘IS’ simply because the follow the same religion is wrong. IS (Islamic State) is neither Islamic or a State. Muslims should not be associated with them because the ‘Religion’ IS claim to represent is not Islam and VERY few Muslims would state or agree otherwise. Another thing, Islam and Terrorism should not be used in the same sentence… we live in an unfortunate time when every crime committed by non-muslims as an ‘attack’, a ‘crime’, an act of ‘insanity’, whereas if they perpetrator is Muslim, suddenly it’s an act of Terrorism.

    Muslim’s are peaceful people and the supreme minority who have cherry picked and falsely interpreted readings to suit their sick and incorrect goals do not represent Islam yet only themselves.


  2. Muslim Students in swansea University are very comfortable and find tranquility and calmness in the mosque. As well as many non muslim students who have attended, many of them repeat their visits and have claimed it gives them peace.

    ISIS is just a group which has been produced out of pure ignorance, and who knows? Maybe the publisher wasnt even a muslim? Many questions occur.

    Islam is peace and teaches us how to be loving and peaceful and how to perfect our character as individuals for as this i to enable us to deal lovingly with the ones around us. It is not a terror estate.


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